Backyard Tagger Design Collaboration

Collab Announcement:

Vi är äntligen glada att kunna presentera vårt exklusiva samarbete med Tagger Designs!

Killarna och tjejerna från Tagger har gett oss nya mönster som du från och med nu kan beställa i vår butik som hjälmomslag.

Designerna kan anpassas som vanligt i vår Backyard-konfigurator, passar på vanliga hjälmmodeller och finns tillgängliga i alla länder där Backyard är representerat.

Design Contest # 1 2020

For us motocrossers, the current situation is probably a little worse than for “normal” people.

The weather is getting better and you could theoretically ride on almost any MX track at the moment if it weren’t for the Corona Virus.

In order to make your time at home a little more exciting, we came up with something:
A motocross graphics design contest.

The rules are very simple:

  1. You design your own graphic kit in our online configurator.
  2. Then upload the picture and your information to our website.
  3. You and your friends vote on our website which graphic kit is the coolest and the first 3 winners get prizes from us.

Here is the registration and information form: https://backyarddesignusa.com/design-contest-registration/

And here is the current contest: https://backyarddesignusa.com/design-contest/

The first contest starts on March 25th, 2020 and ends on April 12th, 2020. It pays to be quick, the longer the graphic kit is online, the more likely it is that more access and coordination will be possible.

Have fun designing, we are looking forward to your designs!

2018 Honda CRF 250 / 450 Graphics – now online

Honda came out with the all new CRF 250 2018 this year and we couldnt wait for it to be available for everyone to put a sick graphic kit on.

We got our hands on a couple factory looking bikes and put some sweet decal kits on.

If you want the same factory look for your CRF 450 2018 or just any Honda model starting from 2000. You can just design your own sticker kit using our mx design configurator.

You can find more graphics here: https://www.backyarddesignusa.com/en/byd-shop/motocross-graphics/honda/graphic-kits/